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B-17 Tour Stop Handbook


Since 1994, EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast has made an annual tour around the USA promoting interest in aviation, giving many thousands of people unique access to an important historic artifact, and preserving the memory of WWII through flight experiences and tours.

EAA Chapters have been a vital part of this, and are important to the continuing success of the B-17 tour. If your EAA Chapter is interested in hosting Aluminum Overcast on its tour, this is your chance to get involved!

All EAA Chapters in good standing are eligible to apply to host a tour stop. The information below provides useful background information about how the B-17 Tour works and how Chapters play a part. There is a simple application form above to fill out and return if you are interested in being a host Chapter.

What do Chapters do?
We ask EAA Chapters to assist with the preparation, planning and execution of each stop.

EAA takes care of many of the "big issues" like crewing and maintaining the airplane, flight operations related issues, all bookings of airplane rides (both in advance and when the airplane is in town), providing collateral for marketing of the tour, etc. Six people travel on tour with the airplane to each location, consisting of 2 pilots, 2 maintenance personnel, and 2 tour coordinators.

What we really need help with are things that need local input - like local knowledge and extra bodies to help with the smooth running of the tour stop.

Each Chapter is asked to provide two key volunteers:

  • Marketing Chairman
    This volunteer will work directly with the EAA Headquarters Marketing Staff.
  • Merchandise, Ground Tour & Equipment Chairmen
    Works with the Senior Tour Coordinator after the B-17 arrives.

The Chapter is provided with a step-by-step tour stop manual that outlines their duties and provides guidance based on our past experience.

What are the benefits?
There are benefits to all the work involved in hosting the B-17! The B-17 program always brings positive media coverage to your airport and Chapter and projects a positive message about aviation in your local community. At every tour stop we make at least one, sometimes two free flights full of local media representatives. Each tour stop generates an average of about 20 new EAA members (and potential new recruits for your Chapter).

There are financial benefits too. Chapters receive a commission on seats, merchandise and ground tour sales. Proceeds average about $3,000 per Chapter.

The application process

The purpose of our application process is to help us decide the best locations for the B-17 to visit, and to give every EAA Chapter the opportunity to be considered for the B-17 program. If you are interested, please complete the application form and return it to us. Every applicant will receive a positive or negative response by mail once the schedule is set. We ask everyone to understand that constructing the final tour schedule is a complex task involving factors such as travel and maintenance logistics, past performance, geography, demography, and proximity to other tour stops. Please bear in mind that we receive more requests than we can fulfill in a given year. We do our best, but we can't go everywhere. We are accepting applications for tour stops in 2014!

We warmly encourage Chapters to arrange extra activities (such as food, Young Eagles flights, or hangar dances) to coincide with the B-17's visit to their community.

If you have any questions, please contact the EAA Air Tours Manager @ 920-426-6840 or

Completed Applications should be returned to:

Air Tours Manager
EAA Aviation Center
PO Box 3065
Oshkosh WI 54903-9976



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